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Find Out What the Infor Baan and Infor LN Solution Can Really Do. Get the Most Out of Your ERP.
Optimization and Digital Transformation

Unleash More Opportunities for Your Infor ERP

Let us show you how to get more out of your people, your business systems, and business processes.

Automate your business processes by leveraging your Infor system. To bridge the gap between business planning and technology planning, e-Ventus offers Infor solutions and optimization services for Infor Baan and Infor LN, which are specifically designed to facilitate the linkage between an organization’s business and technology objectives.

  • Business objectives and goals are analyzed
  • Interviews with executives and key managers are conducted
  • The current state of technology integration and deployment is assessed
  • A future state is defined and proposed
  • Gaps between current and future states are identified
  • A strategic technology direction is facilitated
  • The findings and recommendations are presented to management

We’ll free up $1.5-2.0 million worth of cash in inventory

“The cost savings resulting from this project have been dramatic: with the MRP, DRP and inventory control systems we put in place with e-Ventus, we project that we’ll free up $1.5-2.0 million worth of cash in inventory within the next year.”

- L. F. / General Manager / Municipal Castings Manufacturer

Upgrades and Installs

Don't get left behind. Embrace New Software from Infor.

Leverage the Latest Infor Software Releases to Fit Your Business Needs.


Take advantage of up-to-date features and functionality of newer versions of Infor LN and stay current with support protocols.

With e-Ventus’ Project Management methodology, we can assure that your upgrade will be performed in a shorter time, on-time, and on-budget.  Benefits to upgrading include:

  • Seamless integration with other Infor products, e.g. EAM, PLM, CRM
  • Accessibility from mobile platforms
  • New collaboration and communication features allowing for streamlined execution of business processes
  • Improved support of business functions

We can:

  • Analyze the differences in business functionality
  • Apply patches and service packs in a safe environment without impacting your production environment
  • Show how a migration readiness assessment can identify and prevent future IT risks

ERP Integration

Expert Integration Services that you can count on.

Struggling to interface other systems like EDI, PLM, EAM or CRM to your ERP? Are you thinking about sending information to your ERP with digital scales, barcode scanners, and other devices?

  • Let us show you how to integrate disparate systems to your ERP.
  • We can help you achieve significant efficiency gains and cost savings by interfacing devices such as digital scales to your ERP.
  • Other firms talk about it. We have done it… and our successes are referenceable.

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Data Migration

Migration services can easily, and in a short period of time, improve your Infor LN experience.

One of the key aspects of any systems migration project is the migration of all relevant mission-critical data. To help ensure the smoothest possible transition, e-Ventus offers its clients a wide variety of data migration services and tools. Where you are moving to a new version of your currently implemented ERP system, or moving the organization to an entirely new system, e-Ventus can provide you with the support needed to make the move successful.

  • Application of a structured methodology and project management approach
  • Definition and documentation of the current state of your data store
  • Development of a road map moving the current state to the future state
  • Definition of project timelines and resource requirements for migration and acceptance testing
  • Creating of detailed migration plans

Education and Training

Knowing is Half the Battle - Infor ERP Education

We provide Infor education and training solutions from Baan IVc4 release to the latest Infor LN release.

Do your associates understand your ERP Infor systems? Do you have new associates who have not received formal ERP training?
  • Empower your people so that they can add more value to your organization through Infor EAM training​ and education for Infor Baan and Infor LN.
  • Align your business processes with people.
  • Deliver remote and on-site education and training classes that are tailored to your needs and your environment.
  • Train with your customers, suppliers, parts, and bill-of-materials so what you learn is immediately applicable.
  • Help you get more out of what you have.

They were professional, on-time and on-budget

“The training lasted for a week and e Ventus did an excellent job of putting together and executing a remote, web-based training session. We were especially pleased that they allowed us to customize the direction of the training. They were professional, on-time and on-budget. After I saw the quality of the training, I recommended e-Ventus to all our other departments for training their staff as well.”

- B. M. / IT Manager / Construction Material Manufacturer

ERP Support

Need Extra Help?

Having trouble finding the Infor resources that you need? IT stretched too thin?

You don’t have to go it alone. When you need extra help, we are there for you. We help ensure your system is working the right way all the time. And worry less about emergencies by using e-Ventus’ proactive support.

e-Ventus can provide you with the support needed to make you successful.

Here are some important points to remember:

  • Whether you need short-term or long-term support, we are here to help.
  • Rest easy. We offer a range of options from problem resolution to proactive system maintenance.
  • Extend your team’s expertise in Infor systems whether its Infor Baan and Infor LN by leveraging our diverse experience in a wide variety of technologies.

Each order is now mistake-free

“What the e-Ventus created tool has done is allow us to eliminate one person from that department and put them in a profit-producing role; this alone saved us a lot of money and allowed us now to make more money. The tool now processed the total order in about 3 minutes whereas before the tool it took us about 6 hours to process all daily orders! With the tool, each order is now mistake-free. We would have 2 or 3 calls a week due to keystroke errors and those have now been totally eliminated."

- J.L., Shipping & Receiving Customer Service, Fabricating Company in Northeastern Ohio

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