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Supply Chain Automation

Did you know that digital supply chain problems rank as the second most disruptive challenge for business owners?  Tackle these and other obstacles with e-Ventus eSP® solutions.

  eSP Supplier Portal solutions will:

– Provide global supply chain visibility.
– Increase velocity and agility within your supply chain through automation and supplier collaboration.
– Standardize your processes and provide you with a competitive advantage.

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Visibility, Velocity, and Agility

Supply Chain Strong™

Why is this important?

Simple. You need to gain global visibility to your global manufacturing/global supply environment. You need to respond to unexpected challenges faster. And you need to do all of this more efficiently because YOUR customers depend on you for that. Lean principles combined with visibility, velocity, and agility is the recipe to transform your organization… today.

Consider the following:


1. Visibility:

Supply chains continue to grow, expanding across international boundaries. That means companies need to address issues ranging from different languages and time zones to cultural distinctions, regulatory requirements, and the sheer distance involved in working with suppliers and customers thousands of miles away. Visibility on an internal level is also important. Manually updated spreadsheets, hard copies and similar tools lead to fragmented, limited insight.  They complicate access to current, accurate information.

Key visibility action points:
  • Addressing complex factors with a thoughtful, measured approach and with powerful, integrated tools that increase visibility.
  • Decreasing supplier lead time using appropriate tools allows business partners to plan ahead and act immediately.
  • Sharing of information in a more streamlined fashion.

2. Velocity:

The speed at which the supply chain operates has a direct connection to business performance and customer satisfaction.  Customers enjoy short delivery time frames.  They expect shipments to reach its intended destination on-time.   Traditional processes that rely on manual, labor-intensive actions can only slow down organizations.

Key velocity action points:
  • Implementing tools that emphasize automation and require less interaction from staff while facilitating the sharing of information with stakeholders.
  • Reducing inventory and improving response time with the right systems in place.

3. Agility:

Making effective changes when faced with an unpredictable issue or event is a hallmark of an agile supply chain. While companies can’t predict when issues will arise, they can implement tools that will allow them to respond quicker.

Key agility action points:
  • Focusing on scenario planning around identifiable issues, both domestically and abroad, whether caused by nature or other force.
  • Engaging the employees who will play key roles in terms of rerouting shipments or contacting alternate suppliers when problems arise like a natural disaster, political event or labor strike.
  • Implementing new tools and procedures to maximize responsiveness and effectiveness.

It best met our requirements!

“We recognized the need for a web-based portal solution to increase the visibility of our supply chain. We needed a supplier portal solution that dealt with frequent changes, different languages and time zones in an efficient manner. It needed to effectively handle requirements from both replenishment and discrete manufacturing systems. … We evaluated several solutions and selected e-Ventus’ eSP supplier portal, as it best met our requirements.”

– L.B., Project Manager, Billion Dollar Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

You will be as pleased because of the solid, proven solution they offer!

“I would highly recommend any global or local organization that has to deal with any amount of buyers and suppliers to seriously look at the web-based supplier portal solution e-Ventus offers, and I trust you will be as pleased as we are with the control, cost savings, service and increased efficiency you will realize because of the solid, proven solution they offer.”

– L.B., Project Manager, Billion Dollar Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Digitization and Automation

Supply Chain Automation

Manufacturing and supply chain management are complicated elements of your organization. And the speed in which you need to meet customer demand is increasing. Automating and digitizing your supply chain processes is critical to remain competitive in your market.

Supply chain responsiveness is rising fast on the priority list of companies around the world. Automation allows you to be extremely agile in the face of global market shifts. It allows you to leverage your existing resources and keep them focused on the high-value / high-impact activities where their skills are most needed. By doing more with less, your team can now focus on true value-added activities like competitive bidding, high-level insights, and relationship management.

Enhance Business Intelligence

ERP systems collect and create enormous volumes of data across an enterprise. Turning that data into actionable information to prevent or minimize extra costs is rarely mentioned as a strength of most ERP systems. eSP Supplier Portal is designed to focus on the complex and data-intensive area of supplier transactions where 60-80% of the revenue flows. eSP Supplier Portal provides users with intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful tools to access the information they need to improve on-time delivery while reducing costs. Users can configure eSP to their preferences and download reports as needed.  Critical information is presented in insightful charts with built-in ability to drill-down to details to prevent or resolve problems rapidly.  Be alerted to System triggers alert users to exception conditions so corrective action can be taken rapidly – a true “management by exception” enabler.

Beyond that, eSP will:
  • Display exception conditions for more rapid problem resolution
  • Make access to information more intuitive and simple for users without IT involvement
  • Share saved data searches among users to support consistent reporting and analysis
  • Create complex, criteria-rich searches for data without programming or query language skills
  • Allow users to download data for direct use in internal BI systems, eliminating re- keying

“Their eSP system has reduced our costs and expenditures and increased our efficiency.”

– D.B., Director of Information Technology, A World Leader in Designing and Manufacturing of Packaging Systems

Lean - Do More With Less

Make the right moves. Work on the right things the right way. Eliminate waste.

Transform your operation and business process. Built on the powerful approaches of Lean manufacturing, lean supply, and digital strategy, eSP has been proven to dramatically improve performance in the areas of supply chain efficiency, delivery performance, and responsiveness. Moreover, eSP has proven that companies like yours can save time and money allowing their teams to focus on prioritized, value-added activities! All the while, manual errors are dramatically increased giving you the peace of mind knowing you are truly doing more with less!

Save Valuable Time
Save Valuable Time
  • Eliminate or reduce low-value manual tasks
  • Find information faster
  • Quickly turn data into actions
Gain Insight into Your Supply Chain
Gain Insight into Your Supply Chain
  • Spot potential problems earlier and make decisions faster
  • Evaluate supplier performance with the eSP supplier dashboard

We now have implemented the eSP system for 50 of our key vendors and it has been beneficial.

We now have real-team visibility of releases and the vendors’ ability to respond is much better. Overall, the communication process has improved around releases and order fulfillment. The tech-savvy vendors like it better as well over our old system; when we get product demand, now they get parts order demand, so now they can plan better. It has really transformed the way we do business.

- R.S., Manager, Information Technology, Global Fueling Equipment Manufacturer

Reduce Your Inventory

Inventory control and reduction is the most pressing issue facing supply chain officers today.

Inventory control and reduction is one of the most pressing issues facing supply chain officers today. Our eSP web-based portal solution, securely bolted on to your ERP system, gives total global visibility to your inventories in relation to your projects, such that you can see, with the touch of button, which parts are short, over, early, or late. This allows you to proactively work on reducing the inventory on hand while focusing your staff’s energies to those parts that are in most demand. It not only reduces your inventory, but it allows your team to reduce wasted time and become much more efficient.

Let’s take a look at some actual results reported by a client through eSP’s Supplier Managed Inventory module:

Supplier: Plastic Injection Molder

  • Before eSP: 40 parts. Average Inventory = $40K on-hand (10 turns)
  • After eSP: Same 40 parts. Average Inventory = $14K on-hand (30 turns)
    • **65% Inventory Reduction of on-hand inventory!

Supplier: Steel Products

  • Before eSP: 4 parts. Average Inventory = $55K on-hand (5.5 turns)
  • After eSP: Same 4 parts. Average Inventory = $2K on-hand (140 turns)
    • **95% Inventory Reduction of on-hand inventory!

Reduce Cost

What if you could have 90% of your inventory sit on your suppliers’ shelves instead of yours, so that they take it when they need it, and your suppliers can see when you consume consignment material? What if your suppliers can see what you are forecasting so that they can work within your needs? What would that do to reduce your costs? And what if your staff reduced key stroking, paper-pushing, inventory look-ups, report generation, order entering, phone calls, and shipment tracking? Our Agile Supply Chain Solutions® can reduce your staff’s non-essential collateral work by as much as 60%, while improving accuracy and responsiveness. Inventory reduction equals cost reduction – and eSP has shown to reduce inventory by as much as 95%, dramatically reducing costs and creating more efficiencies.

Now your staff becomes more productive at:
  • Preventing problems
  • Managing risk
  • Reducing inventory
  • Developing new sources
  • Better negotiation prep

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