How Does eSP® Make Your Company More Competitive?

In any organization that utilizes supply chain management, executives are under great pressure to make the impossible happen and do more with less.

Today, supply chain management is one of the most critical areas to ensure meeting customer requirements and enhancing your competitive posture. Fortunately, e-Ventus' eSP supply chain solutions offer unique benefits for your supply chain. Want to learn how eSP can help? See the difference that our supply chain solutions can make to your organization.
CEO and President
As the leader of your business, growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction are important to you

Supply chain management is the key to achieving those objectives. Today, you need to grow your top line while managing your bottom line. That’s where eSP can help. Our eSP Supplier Portal will:

  • Make your supply chain a competitive advantage, and improve its ability to meet your customer’s dynamic requirements
  • Enable your supply chain organization to do more with less; to support business growth without an increase in head count
  • Digitally enable your supply chain increasing its agility, velocity, visibility
  • Standardize your business processes across your global supply chain
  • Enable your team to transition their focus from tactical buying to strategic sourcing

Since the installation of the eSP Portal Solution, we have seen improvements in costs and speed.

    “We now:

  • have lower administration costs;
  • can reply to customers’ orders and changes much faster;
  • have better quality due to decreased administrative errors;
  • have global visibility of demand;
  • have better controls and,
  • have valuable inbound logistics information.”

– L.B., Project Manager, Billion Dollar Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Chief Supply Officer

As a supply chain executive, management of your global supply chain is critical and you need to make decisions quickly. Visibility, velocity and agility are key to your success. You understand that Lean Supply and proactive supply chain management is vital. Doing more with less is not just a goal for you… it’s a necessity. eSP will help you make more accurate supply chain decisions for a faster and larger return on your investment. eSP will facilitate:

  • Global management of a global supply chain
  • Cost reduction through automation
  • Better inventory control and supplier lead time reduction
  • Lean supply and global process standardization
  • Supply chain agility, visibility, and velocity
  • Complete visibility of data-driven information to make actionable choices

We have received very good feedback from all the buyers and suppliers who use eSP.

“Training our buyers and suppliers was relatively easy, short and can be done over the internet in one session. The solution is functionally impressive, and it is intuitive from a user interface perspective. In regard to the e-Ventus staff, they were engaging, professional and willing to work with us all the way and as eager to get results as we were. During the installation project, they had good project management and delivered on promises. Their customer support is very capable and responsive.”

– L.B., Project Manager, Billion Dollar Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Chief Financial Officer

Everything rolls down to finance. You want to reduce inventory investment and increase inventory turns to help cash flow. You’re trying to figure out how to grow the organization while not increasing head count and still meet multiple compliance requirements and standards. Financial stability and the bottom line matter.

That’s where the eSP Supplier Portal will make a difference. Our eSP Supplier Portal, can help:

  • Reduce inventory in your supply chain through sophisticated Supplier Managed Inventory and consignment concepts.
  • Enable your organization to manage greater transactions and volume associated with growth through automation and digitization without significant head count increases.
  • Develop global standard processes that will allow you to show auditors how the company delivers its purchase and supply orders, obtains order acknowledgements, records shipped not received
  • Reduce supplier lead time to reduce inventory in transit
  • Ensure supplier collaboration is secure and compliance requirements are met

Highly recommend!

“I would highly recommend any global or local organization that has to deal with any amount of buyers and suppliers to seriously look at the web-based supplier portal solution e-Ventus offers, and I trust you will be as pleased as we are with the control, cost savings, service and increased efficiency you will realize because of the solid, proven solution they offer.”

– L.B., Project Manager, Billion Dollar Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

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