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At e-Ventus Corporation, we understand that time is money. It's important to stay agile so you can evolve to meet consumer demands. In addition to providing supply chain visibility benefits, here are just a few more things e-Ventus can do for your company.

Since the installation of the eSP Portal Solution, we have seen improvements in costs and speed. We now:

  • have lower administrative costs
  • can reply to customers’ orders and changes much faster
  • have better quality due to decreased administrative errors
  • have global visibility of demand
  • have better controls and
  • have valuable inbound logistics information.

L.B., Project Manager, Billion Dollar Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

We have received very good feedback from all the buyers and suppliers who use eSP.

“Training our buyers and suppliers was relatively easy, short and can be done over the internet in one session. The solution is functionally impressive, and it is intuitive from a user interface perspective.

In regard to the e-Ventus staff, they were engaging, professional and willing to work with us all the way and as eager to get results as we were. During the installation project, they had good project management and delivered on promises. Their customer support is very capable and responsive.”

R.S., Manager, Information Technology, Global Fueling Equipment Manufacturer

Supply Chain Expert Advice

How to Digitally Transform your Supply Chain

Digital transformation of your company’s supply chain can quickly lead to significant advantages. With increased availability of digitized supply chain information throughout your organization, it’s easier to act on opportunities.  Leverage your supply chain to improve operational performance and seize competitive advantages.

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Supply Chain Business Needs

Your business is unique. Your supply chain management should be too.

No two companies are the same. e-Ventus can help determine which tools are most beneficial for your business goals. In addition to fast, easy access to your data, we can help you do more with less, optimize your inventory, increase your supply chain velocity and much more.

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