Solve Your Problems Before They Happen

Elevate your system and database performance

For corporations of all sizes, managing technology can be a daunting task. It doesn’t matter if your company has five employees or five thousand, our goal is to help you meet your customer service objectives. Managed services from e-Ventus allow you to focus on your business while we focus on getting the most out of your IT investment for improved business operations.

e-Ventus specializes in outsourced IT from A-Z; you have a problem, we have a solution. We offer:

  • Infrastructure Planning and Implementation
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Virtualization
  • Database Optimization
  • Remote Database Support
  • Operating System Support
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Issue Resolution

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Turbocharge Your IT
Turbocharge your systems and infrastructure through performance assessments

Get the most from your infrastructure. Let us evaluate your systems and identify opportunities for improvement.

We can assist with:

  • Infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Server setup and optimization
  • Elimination of performance roadblocks
  • Server virtualization
  • Windows® and UNIX® operating system support
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • System patching and upgrades

Protect Your Database

Protect your databases and your systems through proactive system monitoring.

Your databases contain critical information about your business. They are essential to the smooth operation of your business systems. Provide them and your systems with the proactive system monitoring they need to increase availability and reliability.

At the heart of any organization lies a multitude of mission-critical software systems and key systems data. In a 24 by 7 by 365 world, on-demand access to these systems and to the organization’s data is an absolute requirement.

To help IT organizations thrive in challenging times, e-Ventus offers a wide variety of services, focused on providing high-value on an as-required basis. Through our remote monitoring and management, we can solve problems before they happen. e-Ventus offers:

  • Proactive Database Monitoring
  • Database Management Support Services
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Performance Tuning
  • Issue Resolution
  • Setup and Configuration

They have been proactive in streamlining processes

“In regard to e-Ventus’ Oracle support, they have been proactive in streamlining processes and setting up alerts so that we, and the end-users, don’t have to be reactionary. … Their willingness to help us in whatever we ask has been unbelievable and outstanding. … I can’t put an actual dollar amount on their worth, but the investment I have made into e-Ventus has more than paid off.”

- J.R. / IT Director / $2.4 Billion US Midwestern Manufacturing Company

e-Ventus produces the high level of customer support

“I don’t hear ANYTHING from my end-users and that tells me that the work e-Ventus is doing is great because if there are any problems, then the end-users call me to complain and no one is calling me. All issues that come up are resolved quickly. e-Ventus produces the high level of customer support that we need.

I can’t put an actual dollar amount on their worth, but the investment I have made into e-Ventus has more than paid off.”

- J.R. / IT Director / $2.4 Billion US Midwestern Manufacturing Company

Need Extra Help? Is Your IT Stretched Too Thin?

Having trouble finding the IT resources that you need? e-Ventus can provide your company with the support it needs when it needs it! Utilizing the diverse skills of accomplished business and technical consultants with years of diverse experience, e-Ventus can deliver the functional and technical support required to meet your short- term and long-term business needs.

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Prepare for Emergencies
Disaster Recovery: Be ready when the unexpected happens.


Disruptions do happen!  Let e-Ventus create a business continuity plan so that you are ready when disaster strikes.  Let us identify the technical strategies and tools required for a successful recovery.  With e-Ventus’ proactive infrastructure support, you’ll be prepared for the unexpected!


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