Glovia® ERP Services

Propel your Glovia ERP system to its fullest potential!

With Over 50 Glovia clients around the world, e-Ventus has the experience necessary to get you to where you want to be.
Optimization and Digital Transformation

Unleash More Opportunities

The Glovia ERP system contains the power to get what you need done. Let us show you how.

Get the most out of your ERP system. Let e-Ventus help you:

  • Assess your business process environment and ERP system
  • Create a strategy to help propel your organization to its potential through our optimization and digital transformation process
  • Implement enhanced business processes and ERP system changes without having to upgrade or change systems

Most ERP systems are underutilized. Don’t let your system be one of them.

"Before this project, we were using Excel spreadsheets for scheduling our customer orders and now, with the MPS project almost complete, we are seeing a 25% lift in time savings! Prior to the MPS module being implemented, our Planner spent four days producing the master schedules, and now all she does is ‘press a button’ and it’s done! And now, performing “what if” analysis is a simple exercise. We saved four days monthly and a lot of headaches because of the implementation of the MPS project!"

- M.D. / Director of Performance Excellence / Mission Critical Communications Solutions Manufacturer

Upgrades and Installs

Don't get left behind. Embrace what's new.

Benefit from the latest software and its enhanced functionality.

  • Explore features of the latest releases and decide what’s right for your organization
  • Upgrade your ERP system while minimizing disruptions to your business
  • Ensure your data is protected, clean, and migrated safely
  • Quickly bring your team up to speed with your new system
  • Do this on time… and within your budget!

ERP Integration
Expert Integration Services that you can count on.

All of your technologies and business systems must be working for you as part of an integrated solution. Put the pieces together with the Glovia ERP application and make the sum greater than the parts.

Connecting your Glovia ERP system to other systems and devices is not impossible, it’s critical.


Our experience includes:

  • Enterprise business systems like EDI, PLM, EAM, CRM to your ERP
  • Devices from digital scales to bar coding systems to your ERP
  • Other firms talk about it. We have done it!

Data Migration

Migration services can easily, and in a short period of time, improve your Glovia experience

One of the key aspects of any systems migration project is the migration of all relevant mission-critical data. To help ensure the smoothest possible transition, e-Ventus offers its clients a wide variety of data migration services and tools. Where you are moving to a new version of your currently implemented ERP system, or moving the organization to an entirely new system, e-Ventus can provide you with the support needed to make the move successful.

  • Application of a structured methodology and project management approach
  • Definition and documentation of the current state of your data store
  • Development of a road map moving the current state to the future state
  • Definition of project timelines and resource requirements for migration and acceptance testing
  • Creating of detailed migration plans

We chose e-Ventus to implement Glovia into a company we had recently purchased

“The new company was on an ERP system that was underutilized, poorly configured, and non-compatible with the corporate Glovia ERP system. e-Ventus came in and helped employees to unlearn the existing system and then relearn our system and fully implement our Glovia system into this company – in some ways this is harder than starting from scratch.”

R.S. / Manager, Information Technology / Global Fueling Equipment Manufacturer

Education and Training

Knowing is Half the Battle - Glovia ERP Education.

We provide education and training for all version of Glovia including the latest release.

Education and training have been proven to be one of the best investments a business can make when it is linked to on-the-job responsibilities. The training will allow your staff to work more efficiently which means more profitability for you.

  • Empower your people so that they can add more value to your organization through ERP and manufacturing education
  • Align Your Business Processes with People

We deliver remote and on-site education and training classes that are tailored to your needs and your environment. We train with your customers, suppliers, parts, and bill-of-materials so what you learn is immediately applicable. We help you get more out of what you have.

"Before the training and consulting, we were in a disorganized state; especially around the areas of Material Planning and Supply Chain, Work Orders, Capacity Planning and Scheduling, ... With the training our workers have become more efficient and have improved on delivery times to our customers which translates to happier customers and increased sales and profits. We have seen an increase in delivery time from about 70% to 80% and that translates to dollars!"

S.D / Plant Manager / Actuators and Valve Controls Manufacturer

ERP Support

Need Extra Help?

Having trouble finding the Glovia IT resources that you need? IT stretched too thin?

We’re there for you when you need help. Make sure your Glovia ERP system is working the right way all the time – be prepared by using e-Ventus’ infrastructure and ERP support.


Extend your team’s expertise by leveraging our diverse experience in a wide variety of technologies.  Whether you need short or long-term support, we are here to help.  Rest easy. We offer a range of options from problem resolution to proactive system maintenance.

While supporting your Glovia systems, e-Ventus can provide:

  • Resolution of system issues
  • Tactical enhancements
  • Custom development to better align Glovia to your organization’s need
  • Operating system support
  • Cognos® report development and training
  • PRO-IV®/SuperLayer development
  • Oracle® installation and administrative support

Need some advice? Schedule a free consultation with us.

Free Consultation

I have become appreicate of the professionalism, responsiveness, and level of support that I have received from e-Ventus

“e-Ventus came through for us in every way, shape, and form. Specifically, for our EDI transactions and support, for our Oracle applications and support, and, perhaps more amazingly, for our Glovia support. I don’t hear ANYTHING from my end-users and that tells me that the work e-Ventus is doing is great because if there are any problems, then the end-users call me to complain and no one is calling me now.”

J.R., IT Director, $2.4 Billion US Midwestern Manufacturing Company.

e-Ventus fully implemented Glovia into the company

“e-Ventus came in and helped employees to unlearn the existing system and then relearn our system and fully implement our Glovia system into this company – in some ways this is harder than starting from scratch.”

R.S, Manager, Information Technology, Global Fueling Equipment Manufacturer