e-Ventus provides a wide array of supply chain and information technology services to meet your business needs. Get Lean. Faster.®

e-Ventus Corporation has the breadth of experience in selecting and deploying ERP solutions to increase your probability of success, which means:

  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced cost
  • Increased profitability

The world-class and global staff has specific industry experience at the senior management level and understands the decision-making process for projects of any scope.  Continuous scanning of ERP offerings and unbiased, third-party reports of implementations – the successes and failures – detailed laden analytic reports, plus a wide network of professional contacts with first-hand experience with various ERP packages give e-Ventus staff a transforming business edge over any other outside technician.  e-Ventus executives will conduct a thorough assessment of your business processes and stakeholders so that a shortlist of appropriate ERP solutions can be developed more quickly, saving time and internal resources thus reducing your risk and costs and increasing your profitability.

"We recognized the need for a web-based portal solution to increase the visibility of our supply chain. We needed a supplier portal solution that dealt with frequent changes, different languages and time zones in an efficient manner. It needed to effectively handle requirements from both replenishment and discreet manufacturing systems. ... We evaluated several solutions and selected e-Ventus' eSP supplier portal, as it best met our requirements."

L.B., Project Manager, Billion Dollar Industrial Equipment Manufacturer