Our eSP® solution vastly transforms the way manufacturers and distributors deal with their entire supply chain in a very simple to use web-portal that is extremely user friendly.

If your goal is to reduce your inventory, increase the turns, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and do it with less time or people, you will want to have this tool.

AGILITY: Increasing visibility, reducing keystrokes and providing simple business intelligence will insure quicker and more accurate supply chain decisions- ultimately achieving more than just cost reductions desired, it will also increase market share, reduce risk, and spawn growth. In short, it will transform your business to that of being more agile and responsive to global demands, and, more importantly, your customer’s needs.

Our many customers attest to having:

  • Lowered administration costs
  • Increased ability to reply to customers orders and changes much faster
  • Better quality due to decreased administrative errors
  • Global (multi language) visibility of demand
  • Better controls and, more valuable inbound logistics information

The ROI is typically 6 to 12 months; the implementation is typically less than 30 days; and the training is a mere 2 hours.

Automate the manual tasks that clog and delay your supply chain transfers of information among your business units and your suppliers.
Reduce inventory levels by replacing traditional ordering with min-max level management by the suppliers and link those targets to your changing customer order forecasts, synchronizing demand with supply for optimal inventories.
Display complex, data-intensive supply chain information in actionable charts and tables to spur preventative or corrective efforts to avoid impacting internal schedules and your on-time performance.
Gain visibility into your supply chain weak links through supplier performance measurement so poor performers can be improved or replaced.

"e-Ventus’ knowledge, skill, focus and work ethic have made them a key contributor at GE Quartz, Inc. I would highly recommend e-Ventus as an ERP and e-business partner."

Rich Taylor, Operations GE Quartz, Inc.