eSP® Supplier Portal: Billion Dollar Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

To whom it may concern,

I have had the pleasure to work with e-Ventus for our Supplier Portal solution. [Client] is a strong, growing, global corporation, and we recognized the need for a web-based portal solution to increase the visibility of our supply chain. We needed a supplier portal solution that dealt with frequent changes, different languages and time zones in an efficient manner. It needed to effectively handle requirements from both replenishment and discreet manufacturing systems. We also wanted the solution we chose to be able to work with any ERP system to afford flexibility for future growth and changes. We evaluated several solutions and selected e-Ventus’ eSP® supplier portal, as it best met our requirements.

Another reason attracting us to e-Ventus was the size of the company; in that, they were small enough that we could work with them directly. They were very willing to work with us to make the solution fit and meet our requirements. We put together a Proof Of Concept project to integrate eSP® into our systems. We evaluated eSP® from three perspectives: 1- Functional: How easy and well did it function; 2 –Technical: We put it through performance and stress tests; and 3 –Security: Vulnerability to external and internal attacks. The results of this project demonstrated that the eSP® solution and e-Ventus Corporation was the correct fit for [Client].
Since the installation of the eSP® Portal Solution, we have seen improvements in costs and speed. We now:

  • have lower administration costs;
  • can reply to customers orders and changes much faster;
  • have better quality due to decreased administrative errors;
  • have global visibility of demand;
  • have better controls and,
  • have valuable inbound logistics information.

We have received very good feedback from all the buyers and suppliers who use eSP®. Training our buyers and suppliers was relatively easy, short and can be done over the internet in one session. The solution is functionally impressive and it is intuitive from a user interface perspective.

In regards to the e-Ventus staff, they were engaging, professional and willing to work with us all the way and as eager to get results as we were. During the installation project, they had good project management and delivered on promises. Their customer support is very capable and responsive.

I would highly recommend any global or local organization that has to deal with any amount of buyers and suppliers to seriously look at the web-based supplier portal solution e-Ventus offers, and I trust you will be as pleased as we are with the control, cost savings, service and increased efficiency you will realize because of the solid, proven solution they offer.

L.B., Project Manager
$1 B+ Industrial Equipment Manufacturer