eSP® Supplier Portal: Automated Packaging Systems

We hired e-Ventus to install their ERP Supply Chain Portal, eSP®, and let me tell you, it has been unbelievable! e-Ventus met and beat all the timelines and deliverables. They implemented the entire process in under six weeks and saved us money in the meantime.

Their eSP® system totally transformed our business processes dealing with our vendors. Overnight it changed the game on how we conduct business and it transformed our efficiencies in many ways.

Their eSP® system has reduced our costs and expenditures and increased our efficiency. We know which vendors are delivering on time and which ones are late; we know which ones short ship the required parts or supplies and which ones are always on time and with exacting quantities. eSP® freed up more of our people to do more important things making them more productive for our company. Because of eSP®, our staff can now perform value-add activities that generate savings and efficiencies for our company verses continually reacting to problems. Because of eSP®, our staff now has more time to reach out to other vendors and suppliers developing new relationships and partnerships. Because of eSP®, we are now getting more profit line productivity out of our staff.

e-Ventus not only met implementation deadlines, but they beat them! If an issue arose, they responded to it immediately and resolved it. So many times, I have seen software vendors not take the aggressive attitude to resolve the issue. e-Ventus rallied and attacked the problem until it was resolved to our satisfaction.

It paid for itself in nine months.

Our vendors like it so much that they were selling it to each other at a product demonstration we hosted. Here are two of our observations: 1 – even the mom-n-pop shops without a specialized system or application can use eSP® by just accessing the internet and 2 – there are no licensing fees to our vendors or suppliers; it is free for them! eSP® also allows our suppliers and vendors to plan their own production timelines and align their own requirements, thereby reducing their own costs, seeing exactly what our future materials requirements will be.

We have reduced our inventory on hand as well as the cost of that inventory, and the cost and time conducting unnecessary physical inventories. We can now do true ‘just-in-time’ shipping. We now have the right amount of product required to meet our own customer demands.

I would not hesitate in doing another project with e-Ventus, and I would recommend eSP® to any company who wants to reduce costs and improve efficiencies through their ERP Supply Chain process.

Dale Berkheimer, Director of Information Technology
Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.