Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions: Improve Your Business Strategy and Maximize Results

Do What it Takes to Enhance Your ERP Experience

Digitally Transform Your Business Processes

Your ERP system represents a major commitment of resources, so it is critical that the system be well implemented, well utilized and the users trained to achieve the expected ROI. e-Ventus has the right balance of system expertise with operational experience to help firms optimize the benefits of this strategic commitment.

e-Ventus has a record of success in ERP implementation, training and support.

We can help you:

  • Maximize the benefits achieved with your ERP investment.
  • Speed the implementation with proven project management disciplines.
  • Assure users receive the effective training to leverage system capabilities.

Repeatedly, companies invest in ERP solutions yet fail to achieve a fraction of the benefits they expected.

Over-budget implementation fees absorb training budgets, leaving the system underutilized to salvage the project budget.

e-Ventus offers the right solution. We assess the areas that offer the highest ROI and provide the training and/or system customizations to reap the desired benefits from the initial investment. Unleash the true potential of your investment by engaging e-Ventus to map a plan to realize the operations and supply chain performance improvement you expected.

  • Leverage e-Ventus’ experience to identify underutilized system capabilities.
  • Train your associates on how to get the most out of the system, boosting productivity and reducing supply chain costs.
  • Assess system environment, identifying hardware changes to boost performance and reduce costs.
  • Provide unbiased analyses of functionality and utilization of installed modules and recommend changes to reduce ongoing expenses or improve supply chain performance.

Every Project Has Been a Success

"Every project we've done with e-Ventus has been a success and has been completed ahead of schedule. e-Ventus' structured approach and ability to keep our team on point was impressive given our team's tendency to wander during projects. With our continued faith in e-Ventus, we expect to take on additional projects that we want to accomplish."

L.F., General Manager, Municipal Castings Manufacturer

Enable your ERP!

Companies struggle with their ERP Systems

They often do not get the return that they expect and end up performing major functions manually. Let us show you the way.

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We Support Many ERP Systems

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Optimization and Digital Transformation
Optimization and Digital Transformation
  • With experience on over 200 installations throughout the world, we can get you to where you want to be.
  • Eliminate your non-value-added manual processes.
  • Learn to use your system the right way, so you can finally enjoy the benefits of ERP.
  • Take advantage of up-to-date features and functionalities for your enterprise management.
  • Extend your system’s reach throughout the enterprise.
  • Don’t get left behind.

“We now have decreased the amount of waste and this has greatly improved our customer satisfaction and greatly reduced our bin returns. It really transformed business for us.”

– C.S., IT Manager, Leading Manufacturer of Lighting Fixtures and Controls

“The new company was on an ERP system that was underutilized, poorly configured, and non-compatible with the corporate Glovia® ERP system. e-Ventus came in and helped employees to unlearn the existing system and then relearn our system and fully implement our Glovia system into this company – in some ways this is harder than starting from scratch.”

– R.S., Manager, Information Technology, Global Fueling Equipment Manufacturer


Are you able to stay current with your support requests? Do you need more assistance during overload periods? Are you missing deadlines and falling behind?

  • Extend your team’s expertise by leveraging our diverse experience in a wide variety of technologies.
  • Do not go at it alone. Whether you need short-term or long-term enterprise management support, we are here to help.
  • Rest easy. We offer a range of ERP solutions, from problem resolution to proactive system maintenance.

Struggling to interface other systems like EDI, PLM, EAM, CRM to your ERP? Dreaming of a flawless ERP experience, where digital scales, barcode scanners, and other devices send information directly to your enterprise management system?

  • Let us show you how. We can integrate disparate systems to your ERP.
  • We can interface devices from digital scales to barcoding systems to your ERP, achieving significant efficiency gains and cost savings.
  • Other firms talk about it. We have done it… and our successes are referenceable!

“I have become appreciative of the professionalism, responsiveness and level of support that I have received from e-Ventus. e-Ventus came through for us in every way, shape and form. Specifically, for our EDI transactions and support, for our Oracle applications and support, and, perhaps most amazingly, for our Glovia support. I don’t hear ANYTHING from my end-users and that tells me that the work e-Ventus is doing is great because if there are any problems, then the end-users call me to complain and no one is calling me.”

– J.R., IT Director, $2.4 Billion US Midwestern Manufacturing Company

“They helped our business in the engineering area to create a capability to stop defective products from shipping. It works! We now have decreased the amount of waste and this has greatly improved our customer satisfaction and greatly reduced our bin returns. It really transformed business for us.”

– C.S., IT Manager, Leading Manufacturer of Lighting Fixtures and Controls

Unlock the full potential of your ERP investment.

Engage e-Ventus whenever you need to focus improvement efforts on a key performance area, provide training in skills for users who are struggling or identify infrastructure issues that are hindering peak performance of your system. e-Ventus has the expertise to surgically tackle underperforming or underutilized areas and apply improvement actions.

  • Provide training in your ERP, fundamentals (APICS®) or specific areas or specific areas.
  • Evaluate infrastructure issues that may be impeding peak performance.
  • Remotely monitor system performance, security and outages.
  • Develop custom applications and interfaces to your database.