What Suppliers Say about eSP®: Weaver Fab & Finishing

I use eSP® from e-Ventus every day as one of our major customers had purchased it and asked that we use it, and I was glad they did. I use eSP® every day and it is very easy to use. It has saved us time. I can now print right to a PO. The software is easy to use and it is intuitive. The eSP® software cut down on errors; if there is a discrepancy, then the software catches it right away. Before, we would ship and lose track of many parts, and therefore lose revenue, now we don’t ship until the order is completely confirmed and so it has made us much more efficient. And the software to us was free! I really enjoy it. I like logging on and see all the new orders. I like the e-mail automation; altogether, the eSP® system is much better and faster than without it. I would highly recommend any company to use the eSP® web portal solution if they want to gain more control over their supplies and orders.

Diana Helton, Office Manager
Weaver Fab & Finishing