What Suppliers Say about eSP®: more from Weaver Fab & Finishing

eSP® is a web based supply chain portal that we use. We were given eSP® by one of our major customers and I wish more of our customers would use it. I like it. I like that it automatically e-mails me when something changes. Sometimes things change 3 or 4 times a day and so the necessity of visibility greatly increases. With the eSP® system, the errors due to the changes are dramatically decreased – I would rate this a 9 out of 10 in terms of where we were to where we are now for controlling our supplies and shipping and catching changes and reducing errors. So for the same volume that other customers are giving us, we are using less hours with our one eSP® based customer. This has allowed us to use less people for our order processing and shipping which is a big benefit to us as we can put them to more productive uses. eSP® also helps in addition to our other services to ship faster and therefore we can now bill faster which gets money in to the company faster. I highly recommend eSP® to anyone who wants to improve their supply chain and shipping process.

Joe Lewandowski, Shipping & Receiving Customer Service
Weaver Fab & Finishing