e-Ventus is a recognized leader in Supply Chain & Manufacturing Processes and offers the following services to help your business become more efficient, more profitable, more robust and specifically, more agile.

Security has been the fly in the ointment for supply chain visibility – no one wants suppliers or customers peering into your ERP system like a peeping-Tom looking into your bedroom window. But with our eSP® system, everyone sees their own total, global supply chain: what their inventory stock requirements are; what is en-route; what will be required when; and what is late or not shipped; It even allows for suppliers to print barcodes and displays tracking numbers and sends e-mail alerts automatically – all at a quick glance on their screen. And all while maintaining complete security from your ERP system.

This visibility allows you to be more agile creating a powerful work environment where you can make quick, information-based decisions to eradicate bottlenecks and increase the quality of ‘right-parts’ by seeing the shipment container’s parts before it leaves the plant.

With eSP®, more than just cost comes into your decision-making process as you can reconfigure your parts ordering and shipping based on quality, availability, freight-costs and even political or local labor issues.

I highly recommend eSP to anyone who wants to improve their supply chain and shipping process.

Joe Lewandowski, Shipping & Receiving Customer Service Weaver Fab & Finishing