e-Ventus is a recognized leader in Supply Chain & Manufacturing Processes and offers the following services to help your business become more efficient, more profitable, more robust and specifically, more agile.

ERP systems collect and create enormous volumes of data across an enterprise. However, turning that data into actionable information to prevent or minimize extra costs is rarely mentioned as a strength of most ERP systems. eSP® is designed to focus on the complex and data-intensive area of supplier transactions where 60-80% of the revenue flows.

eSP® provides users with intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful tools to access the information they need to improve on-time delivery while reducing costs. Users can create, save and distribute complex reports as well as download the information into csv, xml, pdf and txt files. Critical information is presented in impactful charts with the built-in ability to drill-down to the details to prevent or resolve problems rapidly. System triggers alert users to exception conditions in the portal as well as via their external e-mail system, so corrective action can be taken rapidly – a true “management by exception” enabler.

"What the e-Ventus created tool has done is allow us to eliminate one person from that department and put them in a profit producing role; this alone saved us a lot of money and allowed us now to make more money. The tool now processed the total order in about 3 minutes whereas before the tool it took us about 6 hours to process all daily orders."

Todd Jones, Sr. Manager Accounting and MIS Trimold, LLC