e-Ventus provides a wide array of supply chain and information technology services to meet your business needs. Get Lean. Faster.®

The e-Ventus Baan® consulting program benefits nearly all aspects of your organization; i.e. top-down. It is critical that you select a professional and experienced Baan® consulting team, like e-Ventus Corporation to guide your journey to global competition.

Through our depth of expertise and experience with Baan®, e-Ventus offers:

Baan® Migration & Upgrades
Take advantage of up-to-date features and functionality of newer versions of Baan®. Stay current with support protocols. Migration services can easily, and in a short period of time, improve your Baan® experience. With e-Ventus’ ePM Project Management methodology, we can assure that your upgrade will be performed in a shorter time, on-time, and on-budget. more…

Baan® Customizations
e-Ventus can provide custom solutions to provide the maximum from your Baan® sessions. With programming skills covering decades, e-Ventus can efficiently deliver the customizations you need to support your business model and critical requirements. more…

Baan® Training & Education
e-Ventus can provide your company with a real Baan® Learning Experience! Utilizing the skills of experienced and certified by Baan® personnel along with business consultants with years of business process experience, e-Ventus can deliver the functional and technical Baan® training to support your long-term business needs. more…

"They helped our business in the engineering area to create a capability to stop defective products from shipping. It works! We now have decreased the amount of waste and this has greatly improved our customer satisfaction and greatly reduced our bin returns."

Crystal Stanford, IT Manager Genlyte Controls