Glovia® Consulting Services: OPW Fueling Components

We chose e-Ventus to implement Glovia® ERP into a company we had recently purchased.

The new company was on an ERP system that was underutilized, poorly configured, and non-compatible with the corporate Glovia® ERP system. e-Ventus came in and helped employees to unlearn the existing system and then relearn our system and fully implement our Glovia® system into this company – in some ways this is harder than starting from scratch.

They came in and were very knowledgeable and professional in their approach. Their knowledge of ERP systems and manufacturing helped in their ability to successfully complete the project on time and on budget. e-Ventus was the primary technology project leaders: They met with the customer, set project time-lines, and mapped out the strategy on their own and trained the staff. At times they were ready before we were to implement the next step in the Glovia® ERP implementation process.
Short of being an OPW employee and knowing everything about how we do things like inventory control, etc., they architected the implementation in a totally satisfactory way. I would hire them again, and I recommend e-Ventus for any of your ERP implementation needs.

Ron Shryock Manager, Information Technology
OPW Fueling Components