eSP® Supplier Portal: more from OPW Fueling Components

As the Manager of IT for OPW Fueling Components, I worked with e-Ventus when we installed their eSP® Supply Chain Portal system to integrate with our Glovia® ERP system. We have now implemented the eSP® system for 50 of our key vendors and it has been beneficial. We now have real time visibility of releases and the vendors’ ability to respond is much better. Overall, the communication process has improved around releases and order fulfillment. The tech-savvy vendors like it better as well over our old system; when we get product demand, now they get parts order demand, so now they can plan better. It has really transformed the way we do business. I am not in a position to quantify how much the eSP® system has saved us, but I am confident that it has saved us money and made us more efficient. The eSP® system is integrated with our ERP system and works well. When we wanted to customize the eSP® system to fit our specific needs, e-Ventus incorporated our customizations in their standard product. The staff was professional, and they delivered the product and installation on time and on budget.

Ron Shryock, Manager, Information Technology
OPW Fueling Components