EasySales – A Lean BaaN® Utility: Trimold

I am happy to write this reference for e-Ventus as they helped us develop a tool that greatly enhanced our sales process. We wrote a front-end program and passed off a file to e-Ventus and they were able to create a new tool for us through our BaaN® ERP system. Because of the tool, we now use a 1D barcode system to scan our boxes to ship to our customers which then takes the data and accurately transcribes it to the Invoice in a very accurate manner.

e-Ventus built the tool that interfaced between BaaN® and the scanning system. Thomas worked very well with our IT department and completed the job on time, on budget and with no issues. It was a very positive experience.

What the e-Ventus created tool has done is allow us to eliminate one person from that department and put them in a profit producing role; this alone saved us a lot of money and allowed us now to make more money. The tool now processed the total order in about 3 minutes whereas before the tool it took us about 6 hours to process an all daily orders! With the tool, each order is now mistake free. We would have 2 or 3 calls a week due to keystroke errors and those have now been totally eliminated. Those previous errors would cost us about 6 hours of labor time each week. If I calculate in the time saving, the personnel savings, the improved productivity, the reduction of errors and increased efficiency, I would estimate the ROI to be less than 15 weeks!
In short, the Sales Import Tool:

  • Saved time
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved accuracy
  • Made our customers happier
  • Freed up one person to more productive functions

I would highly recommend e-Ventus and their sales automation tool for any BaaN® ERP system.

Todd Jones, Sr. Manager Accounting and MIS
Trimold, LLC