e-Ventus provides a wide array of supply chain and information technology services to meet your business needs. Get Lean. Faster.®

e-Ventus Corporation has the breadth of experience in selecting and deploying ERP solutions to increase your probability of success, which means:

  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced cost
  • Increased profitability

The world-class and global staff has specific industry experience at the senior management level and understands the decision-making process for projects of any scope.  Continuous scanning of ERP offerings and unbiased, third-party reports of implementations – the successes and failures – detailed laden analytic reports, plus a wide network of professional contacts with first-hand experience with various ERP packages give e-Ventus staff a transforming business edge over any other outside technician.  e-Ventus executives will conduct a thorough assessment of your business processes and stakeholders so that a shortlist of appropriate ERP solutions can be developed more quickly, saving time and internal resources thus reducing your risk and costs and increasing your profitability.

"What the e-Ventus created tool has done is allow us to eliminate one person from that department and put them in a profit producing role; this alone saved us a lot of money and allowed us now to make more money. The tool now processed the total order in about 3 minutes whereas before the tool it took us about 6 hours to process all daily orders."

Todd Jones, Sr. Manager Accounting and MIS Trimold, LLC